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GloCal Videos

Educational videos on health and nutrition

The aim of the GloCal videos is to improve the health and nutrition of women and children around the world. We want to give families in developing countries the opportunity to easily learn the basics of nutrition and the importance of proper nutrition. We also want to teach them how to use locally available, affordable foods to feed their families a varied diet.

The main focus in GloCal videos is nutrition. They also cover the various topics related health, hygiene and kitchen gardening. GloCal videos can be used as a tool to local health care workers to support them in their valuable work.  

GloCal Videos: Services

GloCal Videos for Your Needs

GloCal videos are available in several languages:

  • English (Africa, India)

  • French

  • Hindi

  • Swahili (Kenya, Tanzania)

  • Luganda (Uganda)

  • Dophadhola (Uganda)

  • Chichewa (Malawi)

  • Chiyao/ (Malawi)

  • Wolof (Senegal)

  • Sereer (Senegal)

  • Amharic (Ethiopia)

The videos in existing languages can be obtained by request through Certa Nutritio Ltd.

Do you need the videos on another topic or in a language not yet available? We will be happy to create customized sets of the videos according to your needs. 

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