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Certa Nutritio is a small company specializing in Nutrition Education. Our focus is especially on the nutrition and health of children, mothers and adolescents - basically the family – in less developed countries. We want to provide everyone with the prerequisite for a healthy life.

We have a strong academic background and strive to make correct and reliable information available and understandable for those in need of it. We believe that health can be improved through small acts that anyone is capable of, no matter their circumstances.

Our mission is that NO CHILD SHOULD DIE OR BE MALNOURISHED DUE TO THE IGNORANCE of parents, grandparents or healthcare professionals.

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Our team consists of four women, all researchers from the University of Helsinki, Finland.
Marja Mutanen, Professor of Nutrition, has conducted numerous research projects in Africa. Lauriina Schneider and Katja Korhonen, Nutrition Scientists, have experience from several low-and middle income countries, in Africa, India, Asia and Central America.  PhD Sari Ollila is specialized in Food Related Behavior.

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